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510 Wealth Advisors


510 Wealth, a London-based Filipino firm, is dedicated to assisting Filipino families in realizing their aspirations by exploring a wealth of opportunities beyond the borders of the Philippines. Castile Consulting, the holding company of 510 Wealth, approached Creativelair with the task of creating a comprehensive brand identity and developing a fully customized website from scratch.


Castle Consulting sought to establish a subsidiary brand that would deviate from its previous image. The primary challenge lay in the fact that the client desired a unique brand identity but was uncertain about the specific direction. Furthermore, the client was in the process of selecting a name, necessitating a design that could accommodate various naming options. The objective centered around crafting a logo that not only visually captivated but also encapsulated a profound message capable of enduring any potential challenges.


We successfully developed a contemporary brand identity by incorporating the client’s requirements and merging various concept drafts. Taking into account the client’s Chinese heritage, we integrated elements of Chinese tradition and beliefs into the logo design. Our deliverables for the project encompassed a comprehensive brand identity package, including a brand book, marketing materials, website design, development, and the creation of engaging social media content.

Project Scope

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design and Development
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Post Creative Strategy 
Brand Identity

510 Wealth Brand

Initially, the client had a different name in mind when we began the logo design process. However, during the course of our collaboration, we collectively shifted towards the concept of “510 Wealth.” We presented the client with three distinct logo designs to choose from, each offering a unique interpretation. Our initial drafts for the 510 Wealth logo showcased variations in orientation, colors, and style. Eventually, we were able to merge the client’s personal vision of an hourglass with elements from Logo Study 1 and Logo Study 2, resulting in the final design.

The final design for the 510 Wealth logo features a distinctive wordmark highlighting the letter “S.” Some may wonder why the letter “S” is incorporated when the company’s name is 510 Wealth. The reason behind this choice lies in the founder’s last name, which is SIO. The name “510 Wealth” creatively represents the founder’s last name by transforming the “S” into “5” and the “I” into “1”. Additionally, the logo includes an hourglass symbol, cleverly intertwined with the concept of infinity. This signifies that every client relationship established by 510 Wealth is enduring and perpetual, emphasizing their commitment to long-term partnerships.

Marketing Collaterals and Digital Platform

Following the successful creation of the 510 Wealth logo, we were entrusted with developing the marketing materials and digital platform for the brand. These included designing the newsletter, business card template, presentation deck, social media posts & content and website development. Our goal was to ensure consistency and coherence across all the marketing collateral, aligning them with the brand’s identity and effectively conveying 510 Wealth’s value proposition to their target audience.

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