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Galerie Francesca EMPORIUM

Website Design and Development & POST STRATEGY

Galerie Francesca, a reputable art gallery recognized by art collectors and national artists, has enlisted the services of Creativelair to develop their e-commerce platform, embracing the evolving landscape of the art industry. The goal is to establish an online presence that effectively showcases the art and collections offered by Galerie Francesca. By transitioning from traditional manual ordering processes to an efficient online system, customers will have the convenience of placing orders through the new e-commerce store.


Both Galerie Francesca and Art Lounge Manila specialize in the sale and auction of artworks created by established artists as well as up-and-coming talents. Thus far, their operations have relied solely on traditional methods, without any prior experience in establishing an e-commerce presence. However, they are now eager to tap into the potential opportunities presented by online retail. They have enlisted our expertise to develop a comprehensive strategy for building their online shops from the ground up, ensuring a seamless transition into the digital marketplace.


We have successfully developed an online shop called “Emporium” for both Galerie Francesca and Art Lounge Manila. This dedicated website showcases the impressive art collections of both establishments. Art collectors now have the convenience of signing up on the platform, exploring the available artworks, and making purchases directly through the website. The added advantage is that collectors can have their chosen artworks delivered right to their doorstep, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Additionally, we have provided social media management for a month, building anticipation for their upcoming e-commerce site. During this period, we took charge of creating engaging content and captivating designs for their social media pages.

Project Scope

  • Website Design and Development
  • Post Creative Strategy
Website Design and Development

Welcome to EMPORIUM

Prior to their official launch, we have designed and implemented a captivating countdown page for Galerie Francesca and Art Lounge. This page serves as a preview, featuring the exquisite work of one of their talented artists. Once inside the website, art enthusiasts will discover a diverse range of offerings, including artworks, products, and curated sets, all available for purchase. This comprehensive online platform truly caters to the needs of both art collectors and enthusiasts, providing them with a convenient one-stop shop experience.



The main objective of the post strategy was to familiarize people with Emporium and its brand. To elaborate on this approach, the plan involved dividing each week leading up to the website launch into specific themes: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN. The purpose of this division was to generate anticipation and stimulate curiosity among the audience, thereby creating excitement and generating interest in the upcoming store opening.

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