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M&W Studios


M&W Studios is a prominent brand and marketing agency as well as a photography studio. They have successfully served notable clients like L’oreal and the renowned watch brand Orvin. While they excel in brand marketing, they have recognized the need for a website to complement their services. As a result, they have engaged the expertise of Creativelair to bring their vision to life through web development.


M&W Studios has established itself as a highly esteemed brand house in the Philippines, earning recognition through successful collaborations with renowned brands like L’oreal and Orvin. However, they lacked a web presence, despite having a clear design concept in mind. Their primary goal was to find a skilled developer or agency capable of translating their design vision into a fully functional website.


Creativelair skillfully transformed the designs provided by M&W, effectively bringing them to life. Throughout the collaboration, we worked closely with M&W Studio to ensure the inclusion of desired site functionalities. We guided them until they gained the necessary skills to independently manage their website.

Project Scope

  • Website Development

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