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Woofy WiFi

Website Design and Development

Woofy Incorporated, renowned for its exceptional prepaid WiFi services for residential Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs), has entered into a strategic partnership with Creativelair Design Studio. The aim of this collaboration is to fulfill Woofy Incorporated’s marketing requirements by establishing a consistent brand identity across their website, print materials, and digital platforms. Creativelair has already developed an impactful campaign called “Making Connections Memorable” for Woofy Incorporated, scheduled to run for an entire year. The campaign will receive prominent exposure in distinguished real estate companies in the Philippines, such as SMDC residences and others.


Woofy WiFi has enlisted our expertise to enhance their existing brand, which was initially developed by another agency. While maintaining the logo, we have been instructed to explore variations within the color palette. Furthermore, we have been tasked with formulating strategic marketing campaigns that leverage visual marketing techniques to effectively showcase Woofy WiFi, ultimately setting them apart from competitors and establishing a stronger presence in the market.


We have successfully developed a campaign called “Making Memorable Connections” for Wooy, effectively leveraging their logo’s dog character as their official mascot. This campaign holds two significant meanings, highlighting the importance of both customer connection and internet connectivity. By seamlessly incorporating the dog character, named “Woofy,” into interactive settings where it engages with users while they are connected to the internet, we aim to demonstrate that Woofy is not only a part of their daily lives but also an integral member of their family.

Project Scope

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design and Development
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Animation
Brand Strategy

Woofy Marketing Collaterals

We have successfully captured the essence of the Woofy brand by portraying the dog character in various scenarios that involve interaction with users. As part of this campaign, we have launched standees, brochures, flyers, and a website, all designed to showcase the brand and engage its audience effectively.

In the latest iteration of Woofy’s website, we have introduced the campaign and integrated the new brand setup. To enhance user engagement, we have incorporated a variety of animations featuring the character, adding a sense of liveliness and interactivity to the website.

Actual Printed Marketing Collaterals

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